Endorsed by the New York Library AssociatioN


“I was thrilled to hear that Loida was running for ALA President. I can't think of a better example of our profession's commitment to universal information access than her work. Loida has long been a tireless advocate for library services for immigrants and an amazing librarian ambassador internationally. Her work within IFLA, REFORMA, PLA, IFRT, and ALA Council is inspiring, especially her service in support of intellectual freedom and information access as a human rights issue. She stands up for those who don't always have privileged voices in our discussions about libraries and I enthusiastically endorse her for ALA President.”

Meredith Farkas - Faculty Librarian, Portland Community College, Lecturer, San Jose State University's School of Information


"Loida: Happy to support your candidacy.  You will be a strong voice with a tremendous background."

Patrick Losinski │ CEO Columbus Metropolitan Library, Co-Chair IFLA National Organizing Committee Columbus 2016


“Loida is an excellent choice for ALA President.  Her long history of advocacy has prepared her for being the primary spokesperson for our profession.  She has demonstrated her commitment to the core values of intellectual freedom, diversity, and inclusion through her work in IFLA, REFORMA, Intellectual Freedom Round Table and the International Relations Round Table. Loida’s election to the ALA Executive Board is evidence of her reputation among her colleagues of being able to see the big picture and provide expert guidance for our association.  I’m proud to endorse Loida and know that she will help the Association move forward in a positive direction.”

Martin Garnar, Dean, Kraemer Family Library, University of Colorado Springs, Former Chair of the Intellectual Freedom Committee, and the Committee on Professional Ethics


"This is the first time I've been excited about an ALA candidate since I've been a librarian. That's not to meant to be disrespectful of any of the other ALA Presidents, they've all done great. I am just particularly excited about this." 

Jason Alston, ABD, Doctoral Candidate, University of South Carolina SLIS


I am pleased to endorse Loida for ALA President. I have followed her work with the association and other international groups for some time. Loida recognizes the importance of inclusive service for everyone, and to do that we must advocate for ourselves, our institutions and our users. She also recognizes we must also develop our own skills and policies as the nature of information and access to information continues to evolve. I am confident her leadership will move us forward.

Michael Stephens, Assistant Professor, School of Information San Jose State University

Author, The Heart of Librarianship, ALA Editions 2016

Tame the Web: http://tametheweb.com


My choice for ALA President in 2017 election is Loida Garcia-Febo - fighter for intellectual freedom internationally, supporter of new library workers, and committed to a strong and active ALA. I've watched her raise up more people into leadership than I can possibly count. Always inclusive.

Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, ACRL President 2010-2011

Professor and Coordinator for Information Literacy,  University Library

Affiliate Faculty, School of Information Sciences

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Loida Garcia-Febo represents the high energy, strong compassion and generous spirit librarianship will need in these challenging times. Her record shows she will put her heart into the ALA Presidency. I appreciate her commitment to education for librarians. I support her for ALA President with great enthusiasm and hope.

Kathleen de la Peña McCook
Distinguished University Professor of Librarianship, School of Information, University of South Florida


“I am thrilled to support Loida Garcia-Febo in her run for ALA presidency. I have known Loida since I first became involved in ALA and I cannot think of another candidate who would be more committed, more deserving, and bring more broad of a perspective of librarianship to the association. Loida has already represented American librarianship through her international work while continuing to serve the Association in many ways. I look forward to her presidency and to voting for her, and I encourage others to do the same!"

Jaime Corris Hammond, Director of Library Services, Naugatuck Valley Community College, Waterbury, CT


"I have been privileged to know Loida Garcia-Febo for many years. I have always been impressed by her professionalism and dedication to library service to all communities. I know that she communicates well and would be an outstanding representative for ALA. Her work ethic and energy as ALA President would benefit our profession and all areas of library service. I have seen her in action leading REFORMA in various positions.  I heartily endorse her for ALA President 2018-2019!"

John L. Ayala (Founding Member of REFORMA), MLS, MPA
Emeritus Dean of Library, Learning Resources and Study Abroad Program, Fullerton Community College, Fullerton, CA


"I'm delighted to support Loida's run for President of ALA. She is uniquely positioned to move ALA forward in a way that few Presidents have. We need to focus on diversity, an international perspective, and helping libraries remake their services for a new age with new needs. As someone who believes that librarians are all about empowerment, I believe that Loida epitomizes that inspiration herself as well as possessing the vision to know what it means to make it real."

Roy Tennant, Author and Speaker


It is an honor and pleasure to endorse Loida Garcia-Febo for president-elect of the American Library Association (ALA). I have known Loida for many years and have had the pleasure to observe her work within and without the various groups that comprise the ALA. Loida is first, a listener. She is also a good thinker, extremely intelligent, considerate, well organized and a hard worker. When Loida talks, people know it is with a great deal of thought and vision, therefore people listen and follow her advice. She is a natural leader and has a great passion for our profession. Loida is always actively involved in discussions with fellow library leaders, library faculty members and the current and future librarians soliciting their input, offering suggestions and educating all parties in the role of the ALA nationally and internationally. In every situation where our paths have crossed I find an eager informed receptive group of individuals and I attribute much of this to Loida’s efforts. To me she has demonstrated she truly believes in our future librarians and their educational processes and experiences.  I wholeheartedly recommend Loida for the office of ALA president-elect.

Roberto C. Delgadillo, MLIS, PhD,

Research Support Services Librarian, University of California, Davis

ALA Member-at-Large
Founder/President of California Gold: The Sacramento Valley Chapter of REFORMA
2013-2014 SALALM President
2012 I Love My Librarian Award Winner


"Loida, I am very happy to support your campaign.  I endorse your run for ALA president."

Martin Gomez, Vice Dean, University of Southern California (Retired)


“I am delighted, excited, and honored to support the candidacy of Loida Garcia-Febo. I met Loida over a decade ago, just as I was becoming an active member in ALA. I consider her not only a reliable colleague but also a friend in the library community. Loida and I have had the opportunity to work together through the Intellectual Freedom Round Table, the International Relations Round Table, the Freedom to Read Foundation, as well as many other ALA activities. She is committed to improving the current and future world  of libraries and librarians. Loida offers ALA members experienced leadership and breadth of experience within the organization. Please join me in voting for Loida Garcia-Febo for ALA President.”

Julia Warga, Director for Research and Instruction, Kenyon College; Freedom To Read Foundation current Trustee; former chair, Intellectual Freedom Round Table (2012—2013)


"Experiencia y compromiso son dos cualidades que destacan a Loida García Febo. Como Presidenta de la Sociedad de Bibliotecarios de Puerto Rico he tenido la oportunidad de realizar proyectos en beneficio de las bibliotecas contando siempre con su apoyo. Ella es un ejemplo de lo que puede hacer un profesional de la información cuando se atreve a buscar conocimientos y alianzas con profesionales de otras disciplinas. Tiene una visión ámplia del mundo y de la función de las bibliotecas en el futuro." ["Experience and commitment are two qualities that stand out about Loida Garcia Febo. As President of the Society of Librarians of Puerto Rico, I have had the opportunity to carry out projects to benefit libraries always counting with her support. She is an example of what an information professional can do when she dares to seek knowledge and alliances with professionals from other disciplines. She has a broad view of the world and the role of libraries in the future. "]

Wanda Cortes, President of the Society of Librarians from Puerto Rico / Sociedad de Bibliotecarios de Puerto Rico


“I've known Loida Garcia-Febo for many years as a colleague in Queens Library, through her work with REFORMA and as an activist within our profession and on ALA Council.   She is a dedicated and committed library professional and I support her candidacy for ALA President.”

Andrew P. Jackson (Sekou Molefi Baako), President of the Black Caucus of the American Library Association (BCALA) 2004-2006


I strongly support the candidacy of Loida Garcia-Febo for President of the American Library Association, and I urge you to vote for her! More information about Loida is available at http://loidaforalapresident.com/home/. She is a very strong advocate for libraries and library staff. She will work to build upon the Libraries Transform initiatives of recent ALA Presidents. She will be a voice for diversity, equity, net neutrality and other information policies at the heart of our profession. The ALA elections open up on Monday. Vote for Loida Garcia-Febo!

Skip Auld,  Hampton M. “Skip” Auld, Chief Executive Officer Anne Arundel County Public Library, Annapolis, Maryland


   "When Loida’s name was announced as a candidate for ALA President, my first thought was ‘it’s about time.’ She strongly believes that libraries improve lives and fights for that belief. She has been a tireless library advocate for equal access, the right to information, and intellectual freedom at the local, regional, national, and international level for over a decade. I have known Loida for all of those 10 years and I have seen how she can bring people together in pursuit of her beliefs. I strongly support her candidacy for president and I hope you will consider her too. We will be a better association when she leads it."

 Robin Kear, Liaison Librarian, University of Pittsburgh, former chair International Relations Round Table (2014-15)


I had the pleasure to work with Loida Febo-García at the Library System of the University of Puerto Rico. She always demonstrated her commitment to offer the best service to students, specially those with special needs on campus. Her leadership among fellow librarians was the the main attribute that I can recall about her. I have no doubt that as ALA president she will provide the library community with a comprehensive perspective that will make a difference for everyone.

Tuve el placer de trabajar con Loida Febo-García en el Sistema de Bibliotecas de la Universidad de Puerto Rico. Siempre demostró un fuerte compromiso con el servicio los estudiantes, en especial con los que presentaban necesidades especiales. Se destacaba por su liderato entre sus colegas. Estoy seguro que como Presidenta de ALA la comunidad tendrá a su disposición una profesional con una perspectiva amplia que beneficie a todos los sectores.

Stanley Portela-Valentín, Accreditation Liaison Officer and Library Director, University of Puerto Rico at Carolina; Former President of the Board of Library Directors, University of Puerto Rico


I have the pleasure of knowing and working with Loida for many years.  She is tireless in her work for intellectual freedom, diversity and inclusion.  She has served as a member of the ALA Executive Board and has experience of being a strong library voice and advocate locally, state-wide, nationally, and internationally.  I strongly endorse Loida and proud to call her colleague and friend.

Sara Dallas, ALA Member at Large, NYLA Member


“I am honored and pleased to endorse the candidacy of Loida Garcia-Febo.  I have had the privilege of serving on ALA Council with her over the past several years and can’t imagine a better candidate for ALA President.  In addition to her extensive experience with ALA, Loida has also been very active in IFLA (the International Federal of Library Associations) and REFORMA (the National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish-Speaking).  Loida believes that we need strong libraries to foster stronger communities and I believe that as ALA President, she can help us to build strong libraries.”

Suzanne L. Sager, Oregon Chapter Councilor 2008-2010, 2014-2016


"I enthusiastically endorse Loida Garcia-Febo for ALA President. Loida has dedicated her career to help the underserved populations in both the United States and around the world. She is passionated about bringing more diversity into our profession, so that librarians reflected the populations we serve. With her experience working with REFORMA, IFLA, ALA Council and most recently as a member of ALA Executive Board, Loida brings a unique set of qualifications and understands the both the challenges and opportunities for growth that face our association and profession"

Ed Garcia, Director, Cranston Public Library, Cranston, Rhode Island


"I was excited to see Loida is running for ALA President and am looking forward to giving her my vote. Loida's work is present internationally and extends to all types of libraries as she strives to extend access of information to underserved communities. Loida also has a history of strong dedication to diversity and inclusion that I have seen unwavering in the 5+ years I've known her. In the current state of the world, and specifically in our country, I firmly believe we need leaders committed to anti-racism, anti-sexism, and working against all other forms of discrimination that can be perpetuated through systems and structures in our work. I believe in Loida's commitment to these important issues, and that's why she has my vote."

Nicole Pagowsky, Associate Librarian and Instruction Coordinator, Research and Learning Department, University of Arizona Libraries


"Yes, it is the right time to elect Loida for the ALA President. I have worked with Loida on numerous international initiatives with the ALA’s International Relations Round Table (IRRT).  Loida has been very passionate about international librarianship.  She planned, coordinated, and carried many projects and programs with her talents, high level of energy, and attention to details.  Through her services as IFLA Governing Board member (elected for two terms), ALA Executive Board member, and the Chair-Elect of IRRT, Loida brought global perspectives to these library organizations. Loida will certainly be the voice and the advocate for issues and challenges facing the library communities around the global as next ALA President." 

Shali Zhang, Ph.D., Dean of Libraries and Professor, Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library, University of Montana

President of the Chinese Americans Librarians Association (CALA) 2008-2009


 "I am pleased to enthusiastically endorse Loida for ALA President. She is an example of dedication, commitment, and innovation. She has a lifelong background of empowering new librarians from all over the world, and has impacted so many young professionals through the Co-Foundation of the IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group in 2004, and her selfless advice and guidance since then. In her different capacities through ALA, IFLA, REFORMA, and a number of Library Associations, Loida has dedicated her life to supporting minorities and multi-cultural communities. She is continuously dedicated to strengthening Latino and Spanish speaking libraries and librarians in the US, as well as in Latin America and the Caribbean. Her dynamic personality, generosity and open mindedness allow her to be a bridge between communities and between different generations. Loida connects librarians, and empowers them to become leaders locally and internationally. She is a tireless advocate for access to information and freedom. Strategic, passionate, and resourceful. I have no doubt that she will be an outstanding ALA President.”

Maria Violeta Bertolini, IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group Convener

If you would you like to contribute an endorsement of Loida Garcia-Febo for ALA President, please email loidagarciafebo@gmail.com with your name, affiliation, and statement. Thank you!